What do I wear?

We strongly recommend wearing your birthday suit and only your birthday suit. You will be the only person in your float room. We have found that bathing suits end up being a distraction to the body and mind. We want you to enjoy your float and not be distracted by clothing.

What if I get salt water in my eyes?

It may sting a little. A spray bottle of water is by the basin and a hand towel is on the handrail for use during your float if salt gets in your eyes. Once in the float basin your hands will be wet with Epsom salt water, so rubbing your eyes will not feel pleasant. We also ask that you not wear contacts while you float.

Will my ears be underwater?

Yes, they will be. And because your ears will be below the surface of the water, if you have any concerns with not being completely comfortable with water pressure or water itself being in your ears, we recommend you wear ear plugs. We have two different types of ear plugs that you may want to use. After your float you may want to squirt a solution of vinegar/water into your ear as this helps to dissolve the residual salt. This solution is in the shower caddy in the yellow spray bottle.

Is the salt water good for my hair?

Epsom salt is neither “good” nor “bad” for hair. You may also wish to spray your hair with the same vinegar/water solution in the shower (like you did for your ears) for more removal of Epsom Salt. We ask that you NOT use the Conditioner BEFORE your float and please feel free to use it after your float.

Why do I shower before and after my float?

We ask that you shower for several minutes before the float to remove body oils, makeup and dirt/debris in order to prepare body for its float. We ask that you shower after your float for removal of Epsom salt and for one more way to refresh and reset your bodies sense of being in the world.

Will I get dehydrated?

No. And your skin will not wrinkle or prune.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

People with claustrophobia consistently report no problems with floating. You are always in control of your environment and you can get out anytime!

Can I drown if I fall asleep?

No. The water is super buoyant. Your body can’t help but float. Physics is involved so we’ll keep this answer brief.

How are the float basins kept clean?

The highly sterile salt water is filtered 3 times between each float. One filtering cycle runs through 4 filters and then sanitized UV Light. Additionally, we use Hydrogen Peroxide to provide a final barrier of protection.

May I bring a friend?

YES! Please schedule in advance so that you may both float at the same time. Each float basin is designed for one person, so your friend will be in the next room!

Is this “ new age” mumbo jumbo?

Floating has been around for 40 years, and MUCH MUCH longer if you factor in the floating at various salt water bodies. There is quite a bit of new neuroscience research substantiating the quality of rest and relaxation achieved through floating being significant and producing great benefit for our bodies. Not sure if we have to call that “New Age” or just new information. Let’s go with new info.

What else should I know about how to be safe while at City of Destiny Float & Massage?

When you arrive here at our float center, we will ask you to sign a release of liability declaring you take responsibility of your person as you use the amenities provided at our float center. Also, we ask you always use the handrail getting in and out of the float basin. Please wear the spa slippers provided in and out of float room. Please wear and fully close the robe provided for you while going in and out of your float room. We ask that you float with your head towards the back wall and your feet towards the door. (Start out this way anyway) We also ask you to not enter into areas of float center marked Authorized Personnel. If you are under 18 you will need written parental consent.

Also, Do Not Float IF :

/ Do not float if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
/ Do not float if you are injured or have open or bleeding wounds.
/ Do not float if you suffer from incontinence, nausea or epilepsy and are not on medication and have been medically advised not to float.
/ Floating is a great way to relax during pregnancy and we recommend talking with your Doctor before making appointment to assure floating is safe for you and baby.
Please note: City of Destiny Float & Massage only allows floating in the second trimester. Please provide verification of length of gestation.
/ Floating lowers blood pressure, so if you have low pressure, we recommend that you speak with your doctor beforehand to make sure it will be a good choice    for you.


Everyone has a unique experience each and every time they float. You may consider your plans for the rest of day after your float, giving yourself the space and room to journey with your new sense of self, and heightened sense of wonder.